Make your home an even more welcoming

place with our cleaning service.



At Kasa cleaning, we believe in dedication and humility as fundamental pillars of our service. Our team consists of committed individuals who not only have experience in cleaning but also carry with them an exceptional work ethic. We take pride in having a team that not only cleans spaces but also creates an atmosphere of trust and professionalism in every task they undertake.

Satisfaction Guarantee​

We guarantee a flawless job and total customer satisfaction

Professional Cleaning Team

Our cleaning team is highly skilled, dedicated and responsible

Excellent Products

We use high-quality products to ensure effective and safe cleaning


We Make Your Home Shine

Regular cleaning​

Discover our basic cleaning service, designed to keep your home spotless. Our regular service ensures a clean and fresh environment.​

Deep cleaning​

Experience our deep cleaning service, Our thorough service tackles areas that often go unnoticed, leaving your space spotless and revitalized.​

Move in/out cleaning​

We prepare your new home for you to settle in comfortably, or leave your old space spotless for the next tenant. Trust us to make your moving process worry-free!

Eco-friendly cleaning​

Experience cleaning with a conscience through our eco-friendly cleaning service. Using environmentally-friendly products.​

Office cleaning​

Boost productivity and well-being in your workplace with service. We keep your space spotless and healthy so you can focus on what truly matters.

Cleaning holiday home​

Regular cleaning is usually done at regular times, such as weekly, biweekly or monthly. (Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking)


We are here to make your day shine